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Blue Sky Fiction

 Here is the last chapter!!! A Sequel will be in the works... It's gonna start off with just me and I'm open for other people giving me ideas or co-writing... enjoy the last chapter

Blue Sky Poll - Epilogue or Sequel?

I am starting to write the final chapter.... but im letting readers vote if i should do a epilogue or sequel.. keep in mind if sequel wins... I would li ke to have someone co-write it with me. If you'd be interested, vote for sequel then comment telling me you'd like to be considered for the co-writer... Vote Away!

Poll #1054340 Blue Sky - Epilogue or Sequel?

Would you rather have a Epilogue or Sequel?


Blue Sky - Part Twenty One

Title: Blue Sky 21/??
Genre: Het
Author's Note: this isnt the best part but the good stuff comes next dont worry... enjoy

Part Twenty One

Blue Sky - Part Twenty

Blue Sky - Part Nineteen

Blue Sky - Part Eighteen